Battery Precaution

We came to know of a accident where an inverter battery exploded and we feel compelled to issue the following warning as most of our internet clients are reliant on an battery backup system.

An unfortunate person approached a battery during the night holding a candle light. He was planning to check the water level. The battery was inside a closed room and they was an explosion. The person suffered burns to the face and hands. This incident is quite common but hasn’t been reported in the media. So here are our warning :

  • Do not approach a battery with a candle light.
  • Even with a torch light it may not be safeĀ  (electric sparks) , instead view the battery during the day.
  • Place the battery in a ventilated room so that the battery gases can escape easyliy.
  • Warn your children. If possible keep the battery away from their reach.