Is my neighbour using my internet ?

To check whether your internet is being used by other person or not, please follow the instructions below: Go to the susnet usage website. Please contact Sustainable Networks if you are not aware of this website. On the Login page, enter your username and the password provided by Sustainable Networks. The next displayed page should look similiar to below. Choose "Daily" for Usage as shown above. Click "View". You should now be presented with a list of days for a particular month. Click on a day that is of interest. You should get to view a graph similar to below. From the graph you... Read More

Tips minimizing my internet usage

We have come up with a few ideas that could help you control your internet usages. Disable Automatic Updates. Both Mac and Windows operating systems by default has automatic updates of it's operating system enabled. This means the the computer will download files without the user being aware. For Susnet users this can mean an increase in internet activity. So if you prefer to be in control then you may choose to disable "Automatic Updates". Follow the instructions below : Windows XP(Similar for vista):  Go to the Start menu  Open the Control Panel  Click on the System Menu  Go to System... Read More

Making sure your wireless connection is secure

If you have doubts about your wireless connection not being secure, then please read the following points. On Apple Mac : On the top right hand side of your screen you will notice a wireless icon. Click on it and a menu will pop out similar to the image below. You should be able to notice your personal wireless name. Please make sure that a "lock" icon is present beside it. This means than new users will need a password to use your internet. Any wireless names that you see without a "lock" icon is insecure. If it's not your's then feel... Read More

Making the dashboard show after a pfsense upgrade

After an upgrade of pfsense (eg 1.2 to 1.2.1) the dashboard might not show. The fix is: unistall the dashboard package click the pfsense logo at top left reinstall dashboard (maybe not needed) Documented here Read More

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