Introducing ‘eco’ plans 2015 ( unlimited internet usage with monthly fixed price)

Internet Price list revise on the process from this new fiscal year 2015/2016

Introducing eco plans 2015

We are pleased to announce new plan ‘eco’ with unlimited internet service however the speed will be capped once the bandwidth allownces are used up. No additional per Mb charged in these plans and you pay only the monthly minimum.

1. plan_1_eco @196kbps Rs. 1400/-

2. plan_2_eco @512kbps Rs. 2800/-

3. plan_3_eco @768kbps Rs. 4600/-

4. plan_4_eco @1000kbps Rs. 5600

5. plan_5_eco @1500kbps Rs. 7000

6. OFF_1_eco @1000kbps Rs. 5600