Tips minimizing my internet usage

We have come up with a few ideas that could help you control your internet usages.

  • Disable Automatic Updates.

Both Mac and Windows operating systems by default has automatic updates of it’s operating system enabled. This means the the computer will download files without the user being aware. For Susnet users this can mean an increase in internet activity. So if you prefer to be in control then you may choose to disable “Automatic Updates”. Follow the instructions below :

Windows XP(Similar for vista):

  •  Go to the Start menu 16
  •  Open the Control Panel
  •  Click on the System Menu
  •  Go to System Properties


  • Click automatic Updates
  • Select “Turn Off Automatic Update”.
  • Click Apply

 APPLE Mac’s:

  • Click on  menu (Apple icon) which is in the top left hand side of your screen
  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Software Update,the resulting window should look similar to the image below.


  • Un-check the box that says “Check for updates”

Please be aware that occasionally operating system updates are critical. Hence on a regular basis you may prefer to turn “Automatic updates” back on during the night so that important files can be downloaded at minimum cost.

  • Avoid downloading big files, music, videos during business hours.
  • Make sure that your wireless is secure. Avoid disclosing your wireless password to your friends.
  • Monitor your internet usages to see if your neighbors are using your internet.